Skalberg Drain Cleaning Inc.
#1 in the #2 Business


           text. 612-423-2417
                     Leave your address.
                    Mon. - Thur.  8AM-4PM
                         Friday 8AM-Noon
              Jobs Scheduled  Mon. thru Fri. 
 Arrival time slots of 8AM-12PM or 12-3PM.
                        After 4:00 PM and weekends is family time.

Calls will be returned Monday-Friday.
Calls will be returned and work scheduled in the order they came in.

   Thank you for looking at my company.  I started Skalberg Drain Cleaning in the fall of 1996.  My dad, Bob, of Bob Sewer Service, helped me start my company with the idea of someday taking over and running both companys. Bob Sewer Service has been in busniness since 1969.  All my training comes from my dad's years of experience.
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