Skalberg Drain Cleaning Inc.
#1 in the #2 Business



          text. 612-423-2417
                   Please leave your address! 

Main Sewer-  $150.00
This is based on one man, one hour, and up to 
                one hundred (100) feet of cable.

Small Drains-  $105.00
                      This is based on one man, one hour, and up 
                 to fifty (50) feet of cable. 

More than one drain?
                      First drain or main sewer full price.
              Each drain after is $40.00.  Up to three (3) drains.
              After three (3) drains the price is $20.00 per drain.

Trip Charge.  $50.00

                      If no problem is found or no work is done.

Payment.   Cash or Check.  

                     All payments are due at time of service.




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